We have built a brand new, better bank

Our Manifesto

Praxia bank does not simply do different things but rather does things differently.  

A bank that is as smart as you are.  
A bank that is as simple as you would like it to be.  

A bank that is digital and yet completely human.  

A bank that is accessible and easy to use as no other with state-of-the-art technology on its side.  

At Praxia bank, we strive to get to know you better. To offer you the best possible products and services tailored to your needs. To offer you the best possible solutions.  

To be part of your day-to-day banking  and grow together.  

Our Journey

Our journey began in February 2017 with the acquisition of Credicom Consumer Finance Bank S.A., a bank operating in the Greek market since 2003, by Atlas Merchant Capital Fund LP, a private equity fund co-founded by Bob Diamond and David Schamis.

Atlas Merchant Capital aspired to challenge the Greek banking system seeking to set up the first digital bank in the country. 

Their inspiration turned into reality in April 2018 with Credicom’s relaunching as Praxia bank.  

A year later, our team comprises of 200 people who have joined forces to make Praxia the bank that enables you to reach your lifetime goals and turn your vision into day-to-day reality.  

Our Brand

Our brand is our mark of innovation and game-changing creativity, our promise that Praxia bank enables you to do things differently to make life easy. A bank of the future is here today.  

Our brand is simple, short, and straightforward entirely aligned with our attitude to our clients. We live in the digital age, where fast, flowing change is the only constant; hence the birth of our logo.   

“P” takes center-stage in our brand. It signifies our flowing creativity that determines our actions seeking to align with your needs to ensure a better day-to-day living.  

Our Values

The core of our culture, in a nutshell, is respect for human dignity. Respect helps build solid long-term, true relationships for all. We firmly believe in equality and fairness, which is the essence of what do; treat our customers fairly and transparently, precisely in the way we would like them to treat us.  

We firmly believe in integrity. Integrity constitutes our first and foremost principle in our code of ethics.

Innovation serves simplicity, engagement and inspiration. Innovation is our ally to enable our game-changing creativity to take effect. 

We seek to positively surprise you by exceeding your expectations, since our commitment to excellence is the essence of how we work.  

Above all, we strive to create added value for our clients, our staff, our society, our shareholder.