Financing that grows your business

We have set up a bank from scratch to enable SMEs to grow

At the core of our culture is a holistic and immediately available banking service. Based on a client-centric model ensuring immediate service provided by a dynamic team of resourceful and experienced professionals with access to state-of-the-art technologies. With simple products that can be customized to cater for the needs of your business. With no hidden charges or fine print. Today, we present to you our financing products. 

Liquidity in 3,2,1

Now, you can meet your liquidity needs to help you grow your business and reach your goals, whether medium-term or long-term. With no fine print or cumbersome procedures.

Praxia bank for your business

Decision making in little time

Our Relationship Managers Team possesses the know-how to provide you with quick answers and solutions to your needs leaving hindered practices behind. 


Team with a well-rounded knowledge

We are a team of professionals with knowledge and experience from different industries that helps us complement each other. To enable you to maximize your business potential, but also to identify and make the most of new opportunities.

We are close to you in every way

We always remain in real contact, whether in our offices or your preferred venue throughout Greece. Meanwhile, we are designing technologically advanced methods to be able to offer you flexibility in your day-to-day business operations shortly.

Soon, you will be able to cover more of your business needs with us

Manage your business transactions

through our day-to-day banking 

Increase the value of your assets under management

through our term deposit product 

Protect your valuables

through our insurance products

With Comprehensive Safety and Security

For your business assets

We operate under the protection of the Hellenic Deposit and Investment Guarantee Fund and with the supervision of the Bank of Greece  

For your business transactions

We protect your transactions with Secure Sockets Layer technology (SSL), fraud prevention and Two-Factor Authentication Certification (2FA).  

For your data

We protect your personal data in line with the provisions of the EU GDPR legal framework 

Is this the kind of business banking you are looking for?
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