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What Cookies are

‘’Cookies’’ are small text files stored on the device you use through your browser each time you visit our website. Cookies’ basic functionality is remembering passcodes to ensure the safe and proper functioning of our website. In some cases, cookies store information, such as preferred language, country etc. to facilitate your browsing experience providing a targeted online experience and/or being conducive to improving the performance of our website.

Which types of Cookie consent we use and why

Our website uses the following cookie consent types:

  1. Strictly Necessary Cookies: Use of strictly necessary cookies is required to ensure the proper and secure functioning of our website. These cookies allow the visitor to browse through its functions securely and seamlessly, while allowing us to provide visitors with the required services to meet their needs and adhere to applicable legislation. These cookies remain active only during your browsing session and by no means get stored for any longer.
  2. Performance & Analytics Cookies: These cookies allow us to collect information on the mode of use of our website enabling us to facilitate the assessment and improvement of its content and functioning performance. More specifically, performance cookies enable us to track the number of visitors to our website, to identify the webpages referring visitors to our website, the webpages most often visited and to keep track of the time spent on each webpage as well as the key words sought. Furthermore, we use tools (such as Google Analytics) to monitor web browsing activity. In that context, it is likely that we may share information on the mode you use our website vis-à-vis third party analytics, which may, in turn, use it otherwise in conjunction with information you may have shared with them beforehand or information collected with regard to your use of their services.
  3. Functional Cookies: These are cookies aiming at upgrading the functioning of our website allowing it to store information regarding the user’s choices (such as preferred language, country etc.) and providing the user personalized services such as video. These cookies may be defined by us or by third party providers, whose services are added on the website. If you do not consent to these cookies, some or all these services may not be functioning properly.
  4. Commercial/ Advertising Cookies: These cookies help us identify which products, services and offers are most popular to our visitors and best serve their preferences allowing us to generate behaviorally targeted promotion messages as well as measure the effectiveness of promotion tools utilized. In this context, we use tools (such as Google Adwords etc.).These cookies are enabled through our website’s settings with the assistance of third-party cookies which, in turn, may create a customized profile for our visitors to match their preferences while enabling the pop-up of targeted ads on other webpages. For more information please click on our Third-Party Privacy Policy.
Related cookies’ technologies

Our website uses related cookies’ technologies (web beacons, pixels etc.) in conjunction with cookies to help us assess more effectively the type of browsing activity by our visitors.

Managing Cookies

You may opt to select and/or modify your preferred settings available in our Cookies Policy by clicking on the link  “Cookies Settings”. Please note that through Settings you may select to consent to or refuse all cookies, except the Strictly Necessary Cookies which may not be deactivated under any circumstances.

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Modifying our Cookies Policy

We, hereby, notify our visitors that our Cookies policy may be modified at any time. Modifications to our Cookies policy will come into effect as soon as they become publicly available on our website; we, therefore, ask you to check on our Cookies policy regularly.

For more information regarding the processing of your personal data during your web browsing activity on our website please click here.