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What is Praxia bank’s Open API?

Praxia bank’s Open API is a wide range of financial services created to enable third-party developers to build customized applications and solutions to match the capabilities offered by Praxia bank.

Furthermore, it is PSD2 compliant, in line with the Berlin Group v1.3 standard and effective since 14/9/2019.  

Which set of APIs does Praxia bank offer?

Currently, we offer the following sets of APIs:  

  1. Account Information Services (AIS) targeted at Account Information Service Providers (AISPs). This set of APIs allows the retrieval of account information. This covers account listing, account details, account balances, account transactions and credit card transactions.
  2. Payment Initiation Services (PIS) targeted at Payment Initiation Service Providers (PISPs). These APIs support the initiation of Internal Credit Transfers and SEPA Credit Transfers to other Greek Banks.
  3. Funds Confirmation Services (FCS) targeted at Payment Instrument Issuing Service Providers (PIISPs). This API allows the confirmation of available funds at the account level.  
How is this useful?

All interested parties including individual programmers, start-ups, fintechs and innovators are welcome to test the API and start building solutions around it.

Would you like to find out more?

Please visit Praxia bank’s Open API Portal