We have a vision for a better contemporary friendly powerful human reliable smart simple sophisticated transparent fast trustworthy
bank. And we are making it happen.

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At Praxia Bank, we believe Greece needs a brand new, better bank.

Α game-changing bank that doesn’t 
simply do different things, but rather does 
things differently.

A bank that is as smart as you are and
as simple as you’d like it to be. 

A bank with a human touch, accessible and efficient like no other.

At Praxia Bank, we think
it’s time to create such a bank.

A new, strong bank has arrived.

The next-generation bank for Greece

  • We are a privately-owned bank with a sole international shareholder
  • We operate under the protection of the Deposit and Investment Guarantee Fund and the supervision of the Bank of Greece
  • We have a high Capital Adequacy ratio and the advantage of a strong balance sheet without being burdened by legacy non-performing loans
  • We are implementing a user-friendly, modern digital banking experience based on cutting-edge technology and innovation
  • We adopt the most up-to-date standards and practices aiming to deliver outstanding services while ensuring respect and protection of your personal data
  • We combine our international experience with a solid knowledge of the Greek banking industry
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Building relationships is at the heart of what we do.

We empower your personal growth

Owing to our innovative technologies, at Praxia Bank we are committed to offering a pioneering and sophisticated banking experience that is both friendly and easy to access.

We aim to provide user-friendly services accessible via your electronic devices, available to you anytime, anywhere.

We plan to offer attractive deposit rates to make your money grow faster. At Praxia Bank, we simplify our processes and we believe in personalized service in response to your needs.

Our goal is to offer you secure and transparent services with no hidden charges and fine prints.

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We empower your business

At Praxia Bank, we feel that when your business thrives, we thrive too.

Our priority is to cater your business needs and address your concerns.

Your business interests are aligned with ours. Your banking experience with Praxia Bank will be fast, efficient and straightforward.

Our people are at the very heart of Praxia Bank

Our team includes resourceful talented professionals who bring to Praxia Bank national and international experience and share a common vision:

a passion for delivering a different kind of banking experience north staring to an innovative and friendly bank.

Praxia Bank’s executive team, with an aspirational and collective spirit, paves the way to turn this vision into reality.

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Anastasia Sakellariou

Chief Executive Officer

George Koutsos

Deputy CEO

Marios Kassinos

Deputy CEO, Corporate, Retail and Digital Banking

Thanos Papanikolaou

Chief Risk Officer

Stavros Tamvakakis

Chief Strategy Officer

Thalia Emiri

Chief Legal Counsel

Anastasia Sakellariou IE

Chief Executive Officer

George Koutsos IE

Deputy CEO

Marios Kassinos IE

Deputy CEO, Corporate, Retail and Digital Banking

Thanos Papanikolaou IE

Chief Risk Officer

Stavros Tamvakakis IE

Chief Strategy Officer

Thalia Emiri IE

Chief Legal Counsel

The driving force for new and better banking

Our Board of Directors consists of people who joined their forces, their experience, their instincts and their knowledge, to establish a new way to bank in Greece.

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  • Corrado Passera
    Independent Non-executive Member, Chairman
  • Bob Diamond
    Non-executive Member
  • Anastasia Sakellariou
    Executive Member, Chief Executive Officer
  • George Koutsos
    Executive Member, Deputy CEO
  • David Schamis
    Non-executive Member
  • Timothy Kacani
    Non-executive Member
  • Sally Bott
    Non-executive Member
  • Michael Katounas
    Independent Non-executive Member
  • Robert Willoughby
    Independent Non-executive Member


Praxia Bank’s sole shareholder is
Atlas Merchant Capital Fund LPan international investment company based in New York.

The founding partners of Atlas Merchant Capital Fund LP
are Bob Diamond and David Schamis.

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